About the Owl Box Project

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The Urban Owl Box Project is run by Eco-Solutions.

Gauteng, Northwest and the Western Cape provinces are home to numerous pairs of both Spotted Eagle Owls and Barn Owls. These owls live and breed within the green belts that wind their way through the suburbs. Many owls hunt within suburban gardens and although food is available, breeding sites are in short supply. The provision of breeding sites within suburban gardens is the aim of the Urban Owl Project. Through the positioning of owl boxes with a suitable pea gravel substrate, pairs of owls begin to utilise these artificial nest boxes in which to lay eggs and rear their young. The resident owls occupying these nest boxes contribute to the control of rodents as well as numerous insect species.

The Urban Owl Box Project is to be undertaken over a five-year period. This will allow for young owls fledged from the nesting boxes to take up residency in boxes of their own. Young owls raised in owl boxes have a strong predisposition (“natal recognition”) towards nesting boxes when they reach maturity (2-3 years). Owls generally breed once a year and usually rear between 2 and 5 youngsters.

Information about your installation:
Eco-Solutions is responsible for the installation and the running of the Urban Owl Box Project. The Owl box installation generally takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

The owl boxes are constructed from weatherproof plywood (13mm marine ply) and are then sealed with an industrial wood sealant. The thickness of the wood as well as the wood sealant used is designed to give the box an outdoor lifespan of five years. Although the box is of a hardy construction an annual maintenance visit is required to re-varnish, replace pea gravel, check for signs of wear and monitor occupancy. In occupied boxes, the measuring and ringing of young owls is also undertaken during the service.
Annual services cost R490 and this fee includes membership renewal of the Urban Owl Box Project.

2013 Price List

Spotted Eagle Owl box installed * R930
Barn Owl Box, installed R650
Spotted Eagle Owl / Barn Owl Box (delivery only) R550
Annual Service & Subscription Fee R490
Callout Fee (depending on nature of callout) R200-R500
Mosaic Bat House, installed R830
Bat box, installed R470
Gardening for Birds Consultation R750
Garden Bird Boosters R55
Barbet Logs (each) Installed R140
Freestanding Bird Feeder R380


* Includes one year of Owl Box Project membership

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Raptor release site:
EcoSolutions currently manages the Broederstroom raptor release site. This is a 2500ha reserve 40 minutes from Johannesburg overlooking the Crocodile River. At this site various raptor species which arrive at rehabilitation centres around the country are raised; trained and released. Although falconry techniques are employed at this centre, it is not a falconry centre. This site provides a unique look inside the workings of raptor release, from training of young falcons; hawks and owls to eventual release and post release care. By appointment only.


Once you are a member of the OBP, you will also receive our newsletter offering updates on the owl box projects, success stories of other Owl Box Project participants and all sorts of useful and interesting information regarding your garden’s feathered residents. This is sent by email every quarter (in February, May, August and November)
To arrange your owl box installation please contact us on 072 365 9777
or Email info@ecosolutions.co.za

Our office hours are 08h00 – 17h00, Monday to Friday